How is the scoring measured?

There are three types of metric questions: yes/no, agreement scale and eNPS (Net Promoter Score.) 

Agreement Scale: 

  • Negative = Strongly Disagree or Disagree
  • Neutral = Neutral
  • Positive = Agree or Strongly Agree

Net Promoter Score:

  • Detractors = 0-6
  • Passives = 7-8
  • Promoters = 9-10

An example of an eNPS/Net Promoter question is  "How likely are you to recommend working at this company to a friend or colleague?"  Participants then choose from 0-10 on a scale. 

For agreement questions, participants are prompted to rate their agreement to a statement or question. For example: "My manager communicates the company's priorities to me." Participants can then select from strongly disagree to strongly agree. 

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