What question should I ask?

Great Waggl questions have a few things in common:

Relevant: Ask something that will resonate with the majority of your team.

Simple: Participation should be quick and easy, with a 'game-like' feel. Add a few 'seed' answers to get the ball rolling.

Focused: Focus on one concept per question, i.e. your “best idea” or “primary challenge.” This allows your crowd vote on each answer easily.

See below for successful Waggl questions.

Waggl is being used in many parts of an organization:

Quick Start - Pilot Questions
  • How likely are you to recommend working at our company? [Net promoter]
  • What is one question or topic you would like us to address at our next Town Hall meeting? [Open-ended]
  • In your own words, how would you describe our culture? [Open-ended]
  • The information I have received about the recent change has been helpful. [Agreement]


  • My immediate manager cares about my satisfaction and well-being. [Agreement]
  • What is one thing your manager does that makes you feel supported in your role? [Open-ended]
  • I am kept informed about what is happening in the company. [Agreement]
  • What is your favorite thing about working here? [Open-ended]


  • I feel connected with the organization's mission. [Agreement]
  • There is open and honest communication between managers and employees. [Agreement] 
  • In your own words, how would you describe our company culture and why? [Open-ended]
  • In the last week, I have eaten lunch with other people more than one time. [Agreement]


  • The information I have received about the recent change has been helpful. [Agreement]
  • The change initiative is having a positive impact on the organization. [Agreement]
  • What has been one positive outcome of the recent change? [Open-ended]
  • What is something creative you are doing to help support our current change initiative? [Open-ended]

Training & Development

  • I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization. [Agreement]
  • What is one thing the organization can do to better support your personal development? [Open-ended] 
  • I receive the training I need to do my job well. [Agreement] 
  • Describe an area where you would like to receive further training. [Open-ended]

Performance Management

  • The rewards and recognition structure within our organization motivates me to reach my full potential. [Agreement]
  • What is one thing we could do to help you achieve your team objectives this year and why? [Open-ended] 
  • I feel rewarded for excellent job performance. [Agreement]
  • What is one thing that would improve my team's performance? [Open-ended]
Need additional suggestions?  Let us know!  We can share over 100 sample questions that have been refined by industry experts. 

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