What audience is right for a Waggl pulse?

Organizations differ on their focus and objectives when using Waggl. When looking to determine what population to pulse to, Waggl can meet any size requirement. 

Here are the top ways organizations use Waggl:

  • All Company: Waggl can be used to pulse every employee or contractor in a company, regardless of size. The results can be sorted further to identify departments, roles, regions, or other specific results filters.
  • Region Specific: For a region-focused pulse, Waggl can be used to select one region and dig deeper into a topic specific to that location. 
  • Department: Some pulses are best sent to one department, for example: HR. 
  • Event Attendees: All attendees can be pulsed before, during, or after an event to increase engagement and get real-time feedback while the experience is fresh. 

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