What makes an effective Waggl question?

The scope of your question can have a big impact on the level of engagement of the group your are pulsing. Choosing a question is important, and we are here to help guide you. 

  • Focused: The more focused and simple a question is, the more effective it becomes. Complicated questions or multi-part questions return fewer answers and less clear answers. 
  • Relevant: Choosing a question that hits on a trend within your organization is a sure way to ignite a large response within
  • Actionable: Asking a question that you are ready to see the answers to will help build trust within your group. If you ask a question with after-results action in mind, everyone benefits. 

A simple test for determining if you have the question right is to try to answer the question yourself. If it feels too hard you to answer, it  might not be the right questions for you or your group. 

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