When should I use Waggl to pulse?

You might be wondering: when and how often should I use Waggl? Annual surveys are sent once a year, but this is not an annual survey. Waggl is real-time feedback. A question can be pulsed quickly, and usually is kept open for a week.

  • Monthly: Many companies pulse once a month as part of an annual set of questions. Trends can be identified and leaders can stay right on the pulse of their organization. 
  • Quarterly: For companies that want more time to take action on the results of the pulsing, quarterly pulses are very popular. Across a year, heat maps show the organization over time. 
  • Before Events: Additional pulsing opportunities arise before corporate events or Town Halls. 
  • After Trainings: Real-time feedback can help refine and refocus trainings to the dynamic nature of employee group training needs.  
  • During a Change: There is no time more critical to keep employees engaged and simultaneously stay plugged into the company culture than during a big change event. Using Waggl can quickly shift a population in transition from fractured to engaged. 

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