What is the Wagglr's experience?

After you post a question, you might be wondering what the experience is like for your group. 
  1. Each person in your group gets an email invitation. When creating your question, you can choose to share the link yourself, or input email addresses and have waggl invite people on your behalf, or use an embeddable widget. 
  2. The participants set up a password so that they can return to answer and vote more times over the course of the pulse. 
  3. The participants answer the question and is invited to vote on other's responses as well. Waggl uses pairwise voting. Only two choices are displayed per vote, and the participants chooses one to vote for. They can vote and answer as often as they want over the life of the question. During this time frame, Waggl will occasionally remind your crowd to participate.
  4. Results are transparent to everyone. Your group is notified when the question closes with a link to check out the top voted answers. 
Once you’ve got your results, we’ve made it very easy to download them as an infographic, for further analysis, or to share within your organization. 

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